Webflow Training

December 11, 2020

Webflow is wonderful, it's actually pretty easy to use once you master a few essentials.

There are some great resources out there including the Webflow University and paid courses from some very respected names in the Webflow space.

But there are times you need more personal help, whether it's mastering a part of the designer you don't understand, launching a new site or simply resolving Flexbox issues that are wasting your valuable time.

Original Bear Media love to teach and offer personalised Webflow training on-demand, support and tuition when you need it the most, without commitment and without contract. If you need staff trained on the editor then we are more than to screen share and walk them through the essentials, if you want to fire us across a video with a problem, we'll be happy to send a video back with a solution.

For pricing and to find out more - https://www.originalbearmedia.com/training