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At Original Bear Media, integrity is our number one quality, so let's be open and honest from the start. We don't advertise very often, we can be selective about who we work with, and we build amazing websites that generate real success.
Our customers have one thing in common: they are people who are passionate about the future of their business. People who understand that a professional website speaks volumes, and trying to do things "on the cheap" rarely works out well. At Original Bear Media, we consider it essential to understand you and your business and whether we are building websites, automating workflows, providing white label builds for agencies or carrying out GDPR consultancy, it is all done with a customer-centric focus that stands us apart.
So if you think we'd work well together, please take a look through our website then call us on 0330 127 6001 - we would be delighted to schedule a free discovery call with you and have a chat about your project.

Website Design

Original Bear Media work exclusively with the Webflow platform to deliver fully responsive websites that maximise your investment and engage your customers with original design that helps you to stand out. From landing pages to showcase sites, we have produced over 300 websites in the last five years. We continue to thrive in a competitive market by adhering to the 'Bear Values' of transparency, hard work and distinctly personal customer care. If you care about your business, then we can certainly engage.

Our websites offer amazing organic SEO, with easy-to-edit content. Drawing on our expertise, we are able to integrate with backend systems, link your website to your CMS or accounts system and provide 'out of the box' solutions that fully immerse your online presence with your physical business.

We are also proud to be part of the Webflow Affiliate program
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Website Integrations

We understand that sometimes you want things to function in ways they weren't exactly designed for and it is our expertise with web integrations where we truly excel by providing solutions that others can't.

Whether we are burning the midnight oil writing some custom code or wiring up an Integromat scenario to automate your workflow, we have a genuine passion for making 'stuff' work against the odds. So if your website needs plugging into an API or you want your enquiry forms linked to your CMS, then the chances are that we can make this happen.
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Agency Partners

Webflow is one of fastest, most popular platforms in the no-code community, and we are Webflow Experts. With hundreds of hours of build experience, we are active partners with a number of global agencies, providing white label development services that prove very cost-effective compared to hiring full-time staff or freelancers. We work with both Figma and XD, project manage, provide training and integrate cohesively with your team to become an essential resource that saves you valuable time and allows you to concentrate on the client.
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GDPR & Consultancy

Original Bear Media have the experience, skills and understanding to help your organisation negotiate the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and understand all your responsibilities to stay legally compliant. The GDPR is much more than 'allow cookies' on your website, and with a full GDPR audit we examine every aspect of your business to ensure you comply with the ever increasing regulations. We also offer an outsourced DPO service to take full responsibility for ensuring your legal compliance and communication with the ICO & other regulators.
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