GDPR is almost here!

With just under two weeks until the rules came into force, a government study showed only 38 per cent of British firms were even aware of GDPR, let alone ready to comply. Business groups have said companies will have to spend £1.2million each on average to prepare for the complex rules on data processing. Many do not currently track their data processing in a way that complies with the new rules.

At Original Bear Media, we have been working to fully understand the regulations and help our clients to become compliant.  Even if you aren't an existing customer, our expertise in this area could be a huge benefit to your business right now.

Please feel free to download our free PDF, GDPR EXPLAINED, which covers the basic requirements for most companies to become compliant.  We offer three different options to help with GDPR from an intital consulation, a DIY toolkit to write your own procedures or a full managed package where we assume total responsibility for your compliance.

For a friendly and informal chat about GDPR or to discuss pricing options, please call us on 01227 806802 or email


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All Rights Reserved © 2018

Copyright Original Bear Media Ltd

UK Registered Company No.08672689


Original Bear Media Limited

The Bear Cave, 35 Talmead Road

Herne Bay, Kent  CT6 6NU

Tel : 01227 806802 / 07867 981192